Modern Ruin (Hyper Deluxe Boxset)

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Released: 27th January 2017
Label: International Death Cult / Kobalt Label Services

Limited Edition ‘Hyper Deluxe’ box set. 250 units available through

Packaged in bespoke white box with silver foiled logo. 

Boxset includes:

  • 'Neon Rust' 12” vinyl. Exclusive to the Hyper Deluxe. Silver laminate finish gatefold packaging.
  • Modern Ruin casebook, exclusively prepared for the Hyper Deluxe:
    • Hand ruined (Burned covers) - Book comes with Modern Ruin CD
    • Hand Numbered.
    • Includes a hand painted original by Frank.
    • Includes an original set list used on stage by the band on tour.
  • Bespoke logo 6gb USB stick with audio and video content
    • Multi-track stems from Modern Ruin studio recordings for fans to remix – audio is under Creative Commons license
    • Exclusive video content
  • Dagger Pin Badge with exclusive colour for the Hyper Deluxe box set
    LP Tracklisting
    Side A
    1. Bluebelle
    2. Lullaby
    3. Snake Eyes
    4. Vampires
    5. Wild Flowers
    6. Acid Veins
    Side B
    1. God Is My Friend
    2. Jackals
    3. Thunder
    4. Real Life
    5. Modern Ruin
    6. Neon Rust


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